“single mom anal sex persuade”

He: “Go on…”

She: “No.”

He: “But you’ve put Postman Pat on for Harry… We’ve got at least 20 minutes… Just relax, baby…”

She: “I said no! And quit nudging at my backside. Oh – put it away, for God’s sake.”

He: “It’s because I’m not his real Dad, isn’t it?”

She: “Huh?”

He: “You’d let his Dad fuck you up the arse, wouldn’t you?”

She: “What are you on?! I’ve not seen him for years!”

He: “Then what is it then? Is it because you’ve been on your own for a bit? You feeling a bit rusty? Not had any backdoor action for a while?”

She: “It’s just not something I especially enjoy.”

He: “But it feels so good for me, baby. So tight. So dirty…”

She: “Yeah. You’re going to have to work harder to persuade me than that… Seriously. Put it away.”

He: *goes away, Googles ‘single mom anal sex persuade, ends up here*

Seriously men. SERIOUSLY. What’s with the ‘single mom’ qualifier? Don’t just read and run next time you land here from a search like that. Help me out. What specific information are you looking for about anal sex with a single mother? How exactly do you imagine it is different from a married mother, or a non-mother, or, I don’t know, another man? Please leave a comment. I’m dying of curiosity.