“single mom anal sex persuade”

He: “Go on…”

She: “No.”

He: “But you’ve put Postman Pat on for Harry… We’ve got at least 20 minutes… Just relax, baby…”

She: “I said no! And quit nudging at my backside. Oh – put it away, for God’s sake.”

He: “It’s because I’m not his real Dad, isn’t it?”

She: “Huh?”

He: “You’d let his Dad fuck you up the arse, wouldn’t you?”

She: “What are you on?! I’ve not seen him for years!”

He: “Then what is it then? Is it because you’ve been on your own for a bit? You feeling a bit rusty? Not had any backdoor action for a while?”

She: “It’s just not something I especially enjoy.”

He: “But it feels so good for me, baby. So tight. So dirty…”

She: “Yeah. You’re going to have to work harder to persuade me than that… Seriously. Put it away.”

He: *goes away, Googles ‘single mom anal sex persuade, ends up here*

Seriously men. SERIOUSLY. What’s with the ‘single mom’ qualifier? Don’t just read and run next time you land here from a search like that. Help me out. What specific information are you looking for about anal sex with a single mother? How exactly do you imagine it is different from a married mother, or a non-mother, or, I don’t know, another man? Please leave a comment. I’m dying of curiosity.



4 Comments on ““single mom anal sex persuade””

  1. I just snorted iced tea out my nose! 😀

  2. Like TPG – I just choked on my morning coffee!

    You know us single mom’s – we’re just easy, love ’em and leave ’em girls, willing to do anything…
    Naturally everything with us is better…


    I need more coffee now.

  3. It’s not really something that *should* be any different. I don’t get his logic/reasoning.
    Not the subject matter expert on this, by any means, and that particular…end… of sex I never will understand, but damn. If someone says it’s not something that they are into or that they don’t like, then duh… move onto something mutual benefits can be gained from.

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