My descent into mental cat ladydom begins

So I collected the cat today. The Boy won – her name is Kitty. Which suits her down to the ground. It’s just a shame she’s a sodding cat. Anyway.

The RSPCA took great care to explain that it could take her up to a month to settle in, that she might not even come out of her cat carrier today, that she probably won’t eat much for a few days.

She stalked straight out of the carrier and prowled around the room rubbing against stuff and purring. Then she spied the cat bowl in the kitchen and went and sat in front of it, staring pointedly at me until I filled it for her. She is ridiculously affectionate, surprisingly untimid and has taken up residence in the circus tent in The Boy’s bedroom, lying resplendent on a green satin cushion.

He is overjoyed that she has chosen his room for her bed, and went to bed uncomplainingly for the first time in ages tonight. She hasn’t come down all night. I am trying to be cool about it all, give her space, let her explore at her own pace – but I am itching to go up and scoop her up, bring her down here for a good lap session.

Her breathing really is bad. You don’t hear it in the cattery, with all the other noise. She sounds like she’s purring all the time, and her little shoulders go up and down with the effort of breathing. She’d better carry on doing it for a bit longer yet…




6 Comments on “My descent into mental cat ladydom begins”

  1. I have been resisting writing about my cats. We have sunk to an all time low when that’s all we have to talk about. You were so right on when you said that if only you (we) were getting laid…

  2. subtlekate says:

    Cats…sex. very similar really. She does sound adorable though. 🙂

  3. Lady E says:

    Welcome to cat ladydom and to Kitty… It’s all good for the soul. 🙂

  4. It’s all about affection, isn’t it? Did you get some lap time with the cat? We have two, and one always sleeps with my son – when he’s not already sleeping with me!

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