I am basically a good person

I have put myself under intense scrutiny over the last 6 months. No-one has been more self-absorbed and self-obsessed than me. And while I mostly see a tangled thorny knot of horrible things, there are bits of good too. The best bit being that I am essentially good.

This doesn’t mean I’m nice. I can be a real bitch. I have a temper. I’m not especially straightforward. But I *am* quite good. I am honest. If someone gives me too much change in a shop, I’ll tell them. I could never make a false claim on my home insurance. I understand why other people can, it doesn’t bother me, I’m not sanctimonious – I am just physically incapable of doing it myself.

I will do anything for anyone. I might instantly regret agreeing to because I have too much on, it might take me a while if I’m busy, but generally I am generous with my time. And I am generous with money, too. I wouldn’t think twice about lending my last £10 to someone else.

I look for good in other people. I am more tolerant of abrasive personalities than most people I know, because I ask myself why they are being so abrasive, and it generally comes down to insecurity, and I can relate to that. In my industry, there are a fair few abrasive types. I’m probably one of them. I cut people slack.

I trust people, unless I’m given reason not to. I am loyal, and I believe that people have my best interests at heart until evidence proves me wrong.

And I think all THIS is why I have been so… taken aback by HWSNBN. I spent a long time making excuses for him. He’s depressed, he’s emotionally inarticulate, he’s never been in a proper relationship so this is all new, he’s busy, his Mum died at a formative age, he’s practically bankrupt… And all of these things are true. He has a lot on his plate. He’s complicated.

But… And this is an important ‘but’. A watershed ‘but’: This doesn’t mean he’s a nice person who just happens to be going through a shitty time.

Nasty, manipulative, selfish, rude, cruel people also go through shitty times.

Shit doesn’t discriminate (although it could be argued that bad things happen to bad people purely because they aren’t putting any effort into nurturing genuine reciprocal relationships with the family/friends/customers/suppliers that could get them out of the shit and into the clover…). I digress.

It’s entirely possible that everyone isn’t like me. That everyone doesn’t assume the best of everyone else, and give all they can to them, expecting only… decency in return. Some people’s motives aren’t pure. Some people just aren’t GOOD.

I don’t know why this has come as such a huge surprise. The really stupid thing is, I asked him. On our first date: are you a good man? And he said yes, I don’t believe I’ve ever deliberately hurt anyone.

And I believed him!

Because in my fluffy, decent world, you can take such things at face value. Ask *me* a question and you’ll get an honest answer. Any question. I’ll answer it. Hell, you don’t even have to ask me; I’ll tell you anyway. This blog? You asked for none of this.

I am SUCH a twat.

I went to Center Parcs with my boy the other week. He is a good person too. He waited his turn for the water slide. Waited, and waited, and waited, as bigger boys just barged past him and charged on down. And then turned to me with a look of mute outrage. But still he stood there, until I went up and made sure he got his go. And then later on in the week, he sat in a ball pool while a bigger boy repeatedly threw balls at his head. He’d still be sitting there now if I hadn’t bawled the little ball-throwing shit out.

It worried me. He needs to grow a backbone, stand up for himself, find a way to still be that lovely good boy without letting other people take advantage of him.

It would be good if he had a positive role model, right?


2 Comments on “I am basically a good person”

  1. Lady E says:

    Mmm… Actually, people who make false claim on their home insurance do my head in, and no, I don’t believe there can be any good reason to do it. Then again, I am probably a sanctimonious old fart 😉
    On the good-bad thing, I don’t believe that the concept of what represents good and bad is wholly universal. And if I remember rightly, one stupid man started a war in Irak based on the assumption that he knew what was good and bad.
    I’m not sure people are either good or bad, black, or white. I’m sure that even Mother Teresa had her nasty days, say Hitler could be good sometimes, and in any case, both of them were convinced they were good.
    Sorry, I realise that I am entirely digressing from your post, and it does not mean to say that you are not great, fabulous even, and that shit-face who if I understand correctly has a tendency to make women cry, didn’t deserve you.
    Glad you had a bit of a break with your boy, and that he has such good manners. He will grow a spine watching his fabulous mum handle tough situation.

    • Lady E says:

      Ok, ignore my previous comment, I hadn’t seen your previous blog post, and realise that my above comment is totally insensitive. Ugh….So sorry 😦 xx

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