“I am a mother and I like anal sex”

Third result on the first page of Google’s main search results! Score!

I am sitting here actually laughing out loud. I have totally got the market for long tail crude sex searches nailed. I’m going to offer my services to the sex industry. It just goes to show, fellow SEO geeks – write natural content aimed at users, not machines, and Google rewards will follow.

For the record: I am definitely a mother, but ‘like’ would be stretching it – no pun intended. It’s true I will indulge, but there are many bedroom activities that feature higher up on my fun list. Like, this weekend I hung a vintage Vogue mirror in my bedroom, with a lovely Deco peacock lady on it. That was more fun than anal sex.

But whatever. I’m totally going for the anal sex search market. I’ve got long tail searches covered, but I want total search domination: anal sex = motherinterrupted. Every time.

I like the idea of a load of hot and horny types coming here to fiddle with themselves while reading about some dirty back passage action, and finding… me. The girl sitting writing this in an ankle length dressing gown, geek glasses perched primly on her nose. Yeah baby. I’m so hot…


5 Comments on ““I am a mother and I like anal sex””

  1. Way to fuck with the general public! I love it!
    But, that said, I’ve read a few of your posts – those hot and horny types will get a taste of what they are looking for, enough to warm their inner loins and send them on their way to the next in line on Google’s search return 🙂

    • It depends on which day of the week you visit me, I guess. I think the angsty neurotic stuff possibly outnumbers the hot and horny stuff. Unless there are any guys out there that get turned on by insecure, slightly stalkerish girls. In which case, leave me your details..

      • Careful what you wish for, plenty of kooks out there…. some guys could really dig an insecure stalker girl who tolerates anal sex….wait – I’m pretty sure most of them would. So we best not think out loud anymore about that…

        How’s the search return coming along? Still third result? 🙂

      • First result back on Google for ‘single mother anal sex’. Woo hoo! Second page for just ‘mother anal sex’. I think I have a long way to go before I’m anywhere on just plain old ‘ana; sex’. Oh well.

  2. subtlekate says:

    LOL it was the only reason I looked in. You hooked me with the anal but there aren’t too many things above it on my love it list 😉

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