I’ve done a little pruning

Call me stupid – there’s overwhelming evidence within this blog to support your case – but I’ve just realised that the words I am writing here don’t just disappear into the nothingness of the internet. My modest number of followers has lulled me into a false sense of closed door security. My ramblings could well be read by anyone. Including the people referenced within these pages. People like The Pirate, for say…

It’s unlikely. He is shit at the internet. And there wasn’t much here that I wouldn’t and indeed haven’t said to his face, or at least emailed to him. But there was stuff that I wouldn’t especially want him to hear, and stuff he probably wouldn’t want you to hear, so I’ve deleted 4 or 5 posts.

It’s only a light edit. The anal sex, the Spanx, the ode to his glorious penis. It’s all still there. I won’t self-edit. I’d hate you to miss a second of this car crash. But I will think more carefully about sharing information on behalf of people who have no say in the matter. Thank you.



3 Comments on “I’ve done a little pruning”

  1. silly_G says:

    Think about this quite often…

  2. Booooo! Isn’t the point of an anonymous blog to be able to write all the raw raunchy truth of it? I know my uncensored stuff is my BEST stuff. Although I do have an occasional panic at the thought of one of my guys finding the blog. I try to shrug it off.

    However, you my dear, have total deniability… No pics, no real name. I think ur golden.

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