I think I preferred the nothing

So when you send an email to a man baring your soul, explaining how his thoughtless behaviour makes you feel and telling him you won’t be contacting him again and don’t want to hear from him either unless he’s ready to be a grown-up and quit fucking around, what kind of response would you expect?

There was the week of nothing. And then there was an email asking for more help with his business, not acknowledging the above at all.

It caught my by surprise, I have to say. He emailed me as if nothing had happened; I replied as if nothing had happened, giving the advice he asked for.

And then my brain caught up. How dare he just ignore my email and ask for more STUFF from me?! Did he even READ my break-up message?! So I sent him a text message. See below for the full exchange:

Wednesday, 11.00pm
Hi… A question that has only just occurred to me – did you ever actually read my ‘Please read me – thank you x’ email?

Thursday, 10.30am
I did read your email. I did what I always do bury my head in the sand berate myself for upsetting and hurting somebody, feel more miserable than I did and then scoot back under the stone whence I came. Sorry its taken a while to get back to you but I have a minging cold and can barely type I am that ill x

Thursday, 6pm
And apologies for the delay in this response – have been in London pitching. Sorry you’re feeling so ill. I’ve been rottenly poorly the last week or so – voice lost for one day, a blessing for all concerned other than me – so I feel your pain and hope you feel better soon. As for the rest… I don’t know. I don’t know what to say to you any more. There may well be nothing. It’s all been said – or written. x

Friday, 9.30am
Hello. Sorry I missed your text I had the phone on silent so I could sleep my to recovery. How come the world and his wife call when you want silence !!! Have a good day x

So there. That clears it all up, doesn’t it? A nice tidy end for all concerned. ‘Have a good day x’?! Seriously?!

I don’t know what to say. I thought I’d come and try and blog it out, but I genuinely don’t know what to say. The man has rendered me speechless.


3 Comments on “I think I preferred the nothing”

  1. Oh sweetheart, this man in more a MORON than a pirate. And trying to understand a moron when you’re a pretty normal, functional human being is like trying to do quantum physics in the middle of a tornado without pen, paper of the left hemisphere of your brain. It’s unlikely that he’s capable of a grown up response to anything that requires the EQ of a chameleon. The nothing is better, really. Ditch the baggage like the garbage it is – and move on. Trying to understand him is an exercise in futility. But. Try until you find the peace you need to move on. It will come. And you will eventually meet a mature, functional man who can relate to you on all levels. Keep on trucking lady… lots love, Sx

  2. I have dealt with the “head in the sand” types but this sounds like the emotionally barren. Me, me, me. My work… I’m sick. Ugh. I say run, sista!

  3. Bottom line: ask yourself how you’re being treated. I can’t really point the finger since I’ve recently let myself be treated like a door mat in hopes thing would get better… like she’d realize what she was losing. Nope.

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