Time to find the ‘good’ in ‘goodbye’?

Even by his own impressively rubbish standards, The Pirate has reached new levels of shit. I can’t help but be crude – we’re talking post-curry shit. Toxic.

He was supposed to be coming over for dinner tonight. 80% certain – he’d text me to let me know.

He hasn’t texted. He hasn’t called. He hasn’t emailed. He has, in fact, disappeared. And without responding to the text I sent at 7pm: ‘Am assuming you’re not free for dinner, then…’

Here’s a thing. How do you break up with someone when you’re pretty sure you aren’t a couple?

How do you break up with someone when you’ve only just realised that you actually really like them?

Hateful man.


4 Comments on “Time to find the ‘good’ in ‘goodbye’?”

  1. skeletoes says:

    That’s definitely a tough one. When you sincerely care about someone, especially some one you’re not technically dating, making the decision to leave them behind is hard, then convincing yourself to actually do so is even more difficult. I’m sorry I’m not too helpful, but I hope you figure it out!

  2. My plan with “The Collector” is to NOT call, and when he does call me again (and he will) I’ll just tell him.. nope, no thanks. I’m sure he’ll choke a little and tap dance around because his world revolves around him so he probably has no idea I’m irritated. & as far as just realizing you really like him.. Well, honey, I like LOTS of things that just plain are NOT good for me.

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