Single mothers and anal sex

Reasons I love blogging:

1. This is my diary. It is keeping me sane.
2. The lovely people who comment on my craziness to try and make me feel less crazy are total sweethearts and keep me sane.
3. It is piss funny seeing which search terms are sending people my way…

Are you the person who Googled ‘single mothers and anal sex’ and stumbled across my blog? If so, I have questions for you…

1. Why the ‘single mother’ qualifier? Do you imagine anal sex with a single mother is any different to a regular mother? Should we be more grateful?! More desperate?!
2. Come to that, why the ‘mother’ qualifier? What do you imagine happens to a woman’s anatomy after she’s given birth? I mean, yes, things have changed a bit down there, but thank fuck for small mercies, my arsehole remains as it ever was.
3. Did you find the answers you were looking for within these pages? I suspect not – I’m afraid I can only give lessons in how NOT to do it. Though from what I’m told, my proposed ‘Lube… lube… more lube… come on don’t be stingy LUBE!’ approach to next time is pretty much all you need to know anyway.

This is all.

Addendum for the person who googled ‘Is Matlock Bath good for a first date?’ and landed here – I hope I managed to convince you that yes, it really is, accepting that the car park by the train station featured more heavily in my overview than Matlock Bath itself. It is very, very pretty, ever-so-slightly-seedy and therefore sexy for it and there are a lot of people wandering around in leather. What more could you possibly want from a first date?


6 Comments on “Single mothers and anal sex”

  1. Holy shit, this cracked me up like crazy! My shift partner at work and I were damn near falling out of our chairs!! THANK YOU motherinterrupted!

  2. Sooooooo funny!!!! I see the same slightly odd searches & wonder how crazy sick are some people!!! Just had to comment because it made me giggle (& because it was not me!)

  3. To the third point, oh boy, { how } I concur. It’s ridiculous the searches that get washed upon the blogging shores. Most amusing thus far include:

    – stop it’s too big (now HOW does that link to anything I’ve written ever?)
    – klick! scarlett im bad (yeah baby!)
    – installation art xmas (that’s some sick SEO right there)
    – biola (WTF?)
    – nguni sex stories (yeah, well, about that…)
    – sky blue sky 1 – jaw dropping cleavage! (how do those things *fit* together?)

    but the best yet:

    – you porn scalett johansberg (which is only something I imagine Duke D. Nile would google)

    People out there are crazy. We’re in good company… Sx

  4. Woo hoo! SEO result – I am on the first page of Google’s results if you search blogs for anal sex! Second listing! Awesome! How very disappointed people must be when they get here…

  5. I love reading our blog. I laugh out loud just about every single time I do. I like coming here. : )

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